Coyote Moon Functional Nutrition Counseling Services

Coyote Moon Functional Nutrition Counseling by Cherish Dawn, offers holistic and cooperative diet, lifestyle, and nutrition counseling in keeping with the practices of functional medicine and the proven strategies of nutrition. Its our intent to work in partnership with you, and with your medical team when appropriate, to help you to find the answers you’ve been seeking and gain the knowledge to renew and restore your health and help you thrive again.
Its what you do between the visits that matters most. We will help you uncover the practices that best suit your specific and unique needs and goals for healing and optimal health.

Trailblazer Package
The Trailblazer Package consists of two sessions of an hour each for the price of $500, billed upon the conclusion of the first session. 
The first session is a dedicated Health History Session.
The second session is a Functional Nutrition Counseling Session after a thorough review of the details
of your case prior to the session. This session is dedicated to discussing details and recommendations for immediate next steps.
Upon completion of the Trailblazer Package, you’ll receive a completed Health History Timeline, Functional Nutrition Matrix, and Action Form. This is your Functional Nutrition Starter kit. These documents will be your roadmap for understanding your health issues through a functional nutrition lens and guide you in taking the next steps for your health in your journey forward.
For some, these two sessions conclude their work with us.

Pathfinder Package
In other cases, with more complex and tangled health histories, we recommend our Pathfinder Package. The advantage of the Pathfinder Package is more regular visits and touch points that we find necessary for us to truly uncover what is at play. It took a lifetime to develop your symptoms and it often takes dedication and hard work to uncover the root causes.
The Pathfinder Package includes six hours with your functional nutritionist, paced according to your needs and abilities, and is designed to be completed within a six-month time frame. 
In addition to the six appointments, you will also receive support between sessions, as reasonable, by email between you and your functional nutritionist.
The Pathfinder Package is priced at $3000. Three and six payment installment plans are available, as well as a 8% discount ($2760) if you chose to pay up front.

Point Session
For others, we may recommend that you come back for a Point Session for an update, with new labs and new developments on your health journey. Your functional nutritionist will review the information and then make recommendations for the next steps.
These stand-alone sessions are priced at $200 and typically occur on a quarterly or bi-annual basis.
The recommendations around how we continue our work together are made in the second session of the Trailblazer Package and is decided in partnership with you. It is our goal to find the right fit for your needs! Your health and wellness are our priority. Our financial policy allows us to provide you with access to the best nutrition and lifestyle care available and does not limit your care to what is covered by health insurance policies.
Like many functional medicine practices, Coyote Moon Wellness, Inc services are an
out-of-pocket expense. We are unable to provide insurance billing codes or NPI numbers, which is out of our scope of practice as nutrition and lifestyle professionals, but we are happy to partner with any other practitioners on your team. We do have clients who submit their invoice to their insurance directly for a percentage coverage or work with their workplace Health Savings Account to receive some compensation. We encourage you to explore these options.
*** Sliding fee schedule available to qualifying low-income clients.